Dancing Idiot’s AO

  Please Enjoy Video First DANCING IDIOT: The HIM who initiates a Movement by Influencing a First Follower.     Fellow HIGH IMPACT MEN of The Rock Region are you ready for the next big Thing? This Friday The Veteran AO will be relocating to First Baptist Church off Dave Lyle Blvd. Why you ask? The […]

Trashy Days in The Rock Region

Please join YHC and other men and their families for a little beautification of our F3 Rock Region sponsored road. We will meet at 10:00 am Saturday and beautify just one small part of our Great County and City. So lets band together and make our Road Beautiful again This will be an all family event. This […]

2nd Annual F3 The Falls Fish Festival

On Saturday morning, May 26th weekend of the Flopeye Fish Festival, there will be The 2nd annual  festival-related event held at a War Memorial Building, GrandDaddy LongLegs and the MEN of F3 The Falls will offer a boot camp and fun run. The group applies the principles fitness, fellowship and faith. The F3 nation experience […]

Junk Punch Ruck 4/21/18 0600hrs

Come join the Junk Punch Ruckers: When: Sat. 04/21/18 Time: 0600 until 0800 Where: Events Manchester Click link  We will be launching from The Events building in the Manchester Cinema area at 0600. (See Link Above or Click ) We will be primarily using trail networks with minimum road Rucking.  Plans are 3 Pain stations along the […]

The Apache Challenge follow-up

Gentlemen, First and foremost it is a honor and pledge to be associated with the men I can honestly call my Brothers. Over the years men fight battles of different things Mental, Physical, and Spiritual battles. And they have to fight them alone, not knowing that every man has theses battles. We are very fortunate to have the […]

The Apache Challenge (04/09/18 thru 04/16/18)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ACaQkBJAEE&t=9s   Gentleman of the Rock Region, I was watching Popeye’s Turkey Punching Story and noticed alot of guys that started this F3 Thing here in Rock Hill, that are no longer posting. For different reasons  I understand life happens and our schedules change. But these are the Brothers of the Gloom that influenced alot […]