Thanksgiving Convergence

Men, It is nearly time for the Thanksgiving Convergence! Regardless to whether you are starting your holiday calorie burn or making room for a little extra turkey and dressing, join the men of the Rock Region on November 28th, Thanksgiving morning, at Man U, the original Thursday morning AO. Your Qs, PCH and Vuvuzela, are ready […]


Today we had 10 men gather in the gloom at The Tavern. COP: IC Low slow squat, Tempo Merkan, Moroccan Night Clubs, Rolling Hillbilly Bearcrawl catch me if you can (one guy crawls, the other does 10 merkans and then sprints after the first man. Flap jack) Mosey across the street. Grab a partner- 25 […]

Heavy arm day at PHOP

This morning five men gathered and put in work at the greatest gear based AO in the Rock Region! As soon as I got to the AO the flag was planted and men were gathered to help collect some big boy toys. Here is how we used them: COP: All IC SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, […]

Running and Courage

This morning 3 men gathered in the gloom and ran for about 45 minutes. I love backblasts for Running AOs. NMM: A few days ago Dredd tweeted out a Socratic question- “Does Courage require the absence of Fear?” I would posit that Courage requires fear, not its absence. It takes ignorance or arrogance to walk […]

You are your own author

Mosey around the parking lot SSH, Cherry pickers, Tempo merkans, Mountain Climbers, Jump squats, SSH Mosey Bill Ny theme song two times Baby Shark ab work Mosey to the wall- Wall sits in cadence, Long 10 count balls to the wall, first man does 5 merkans (any style) then bear crawl to the end while […]

What is strength?

15 men gathered this morning for a few miles and a little work. I appreciate the opportunity to lead. COP- SSH, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs- All IC Mosey to the Goodyear for some mini hill runs. Three reps around the building adding a new exercise each time. 10 merkans, 20 LBCs, 30 squats, sweep […]

Shield Lock Invergence

Men of the Rock Region, Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith are the three pillars upon which our organization stands. Every day around Rock Hill men gather to sharpen iron and grow their fitness. In an attempt to accelerate our second F we are going to host a series of invergences at the original Rock Hill AOs […]

Stations at PHOP

I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen in a while at PHOP- Stations! As the time grew closer to 5:15 there were four of us gathered to put in work. And so we did! COP- SSH, Merkans, Windmill- All IC Tire flips, burpees, and tire squats- 1 minutes each, 15 seconds between each station. […]

4 at The Commons

When I was asked to cover for a Q who had a work commitment I jumped at the chance. I love to lead at The Commons. There are so many options that even though I have been the Q here several times I do not think that I have recycled anything. There are just so […]