Too many to count

YHC arrived a little early to get a lay of the land and to decompress a little…  however, I was EH’d into a short mosey at the tail end of Ponytail and Sandlot’s pre-run.  It was great to get the juices flowing.  Once we got back to the AO, it quickly became evident that there […]

2 years!

  Well… two years ago I was dumb enough to wake up and meet at Old Town (at 5:15) for a beat down of epic proportions from the one an only Apache.  After suffering through the mumble chatter I had to sprint to my office to take care of some business because my body was […]

Perfect weather to keep moving

  This was YHC’s first Q in a few weeks and I signed myself up to do it a loooooong time ago.  It’s amazing how quickly these days come upon us…  see, I signed myself up because 01/13/18 would be a significant day for me and my family, so I decided to express the things […]