This morning the COT was a DOT

This morning was nasty and “really gross” weather as my M calls cold rain mixed with sleet.  As I pull into the EarthFare parking lot, Jester rounds the corner from his pre-run.  We stand under the EarthFare canopy and decide to call it when no one else shows up.  Jester and I have been wanting […]

Run, Boot, Abide

Little bit of hamstring stretching and Boomer’s death circle of calf raises to start The Thang 1. Mozied to Oakland Baptist from AO 2. Variety pack of ab work, burpees, erkins, and box jumps + squat on landing on the 2nd step of the church (this one is a keeper) 3. Mozied to Westminster, ran […]

Don’t be a Lemming

Warm-ups at the AO (SSH, 30 seconds of stretching OYO) Mosied to find Eagles Nest crew on Winthrop campus and found them near the flag. Pac-man lead some stuff Mosied back to Oakland Baptist CDD x5 on each step (went up backwards to help with keeping the angle on the shoulders ) With 7 PAX […]

Because He says so…

Warmup Typical SSH, merkins, stretching and some mosy-ing The Thang Steady flow of alternating muscle group pairing, partner work We headed to the stairs at NWHS and the timing mechanism was running up the stairs, around the top and back down.  Cumulatively we had on deck; 1. 50 burpees 2. 100 merkins 3. 150 squats […]

The Marker’s Mark

This wonderful Friday morning was wonderful at Petra, thank you everyone who came out.   We had some guys walking around with heavy backpacks for some brutal miles and the rest of us booted up on our side of the gloom. Warm up 1. Slow cherry pickers (IC) to stretch a bit 2. 25 SSH (IC) […]