A Toughish and a Half – An 18 Hour Ruck Event

Event: F3 Rock Region Toughish and a Half Ruck Date: Starts on Friday night (12/4/20) at 9PM, ends Saturday 12/5/20) at approximately 3PM Startex & Endex: TBD. Register HERE! An 18 hour what?!?? This event will be something different, imagine a GORUCK Tough event crossed with a Constellation and organized by local F3 PAX. The […]

A Labor Day Convergence @ Old Town

Gentlemen, It’s time to celebrate the Laborers that built this country! I didn’t fully understand what we were supposed to celebrate on Labor day, if you’re like me take a second and read through THIS LINK. Let’s get together Monday at Old Town from 6-7 for a sweatfest of a good time, there will probably […]

Virtual workout 03.19.2020

Grab a deck of cards and get after! Number cards = that many reps J=11 Q=12 K=13 A=14 Joker=200yd run Round 1 Hearts=merkins Spades=Bobby hurleys Clubs=squats Diamonds=LBC’s Round 2 Hearts= Makhtar N’Diayes Spades=jump squats Clubs=burpees Diamonds=American hammers   Buckle down and get after!

Maximus Travels to The Rock

Our brother, Maximus, came down from The Fort to lead our ruck AO at Petra this morning. #TClaps to him for sharing his love for rucking & for a well done Q! Below is his backblast.   Disclaimer mentioning the standard stuff. Warm up mosey followed by some high-knees.   Circle up for a warm-up […]

Kettle Bells, 7s on the Hill, & Suicides

It’s finally starting to feel a little like fall, but that didn’t stop us from sweating a little this morning! We kicked off as the clock ticked over to 05:15 with our kettle bells over head for a quick mosey over to the Sam’s parking lot where we circled up for some windmills. Then, with […]

A pyramid repeat at Independence

YHC was on tap for the Q at #Bunker Hill last week and manage to have a muscle spasm less than a third of the way through the workout, well I had to modify the majority of the work and wasn’t able to complete my wienkie… Well, I had the opportunity to run back through […]