Gear gets Dropped on Eagles Nest

After the proper Disclaimers & Signed Waivers were completed, the warm up started with 20 SSH and then there was a .5 mile Mosey to a Rally Point at lot near Slow Play Brewery and across from Dorms…….Everyone in attendance knew there was a surprise awaiting them somewhere but no one knew where….keep em guessing….. […]

Heavy Stuff Discovered at the Tavern

Warm Ups: 1 Burpee OYO: 15 Morrocans & 1 Burpee: 10 Cherry Pickers & 1 Burpee: 10 Imperial Walkers & 1 Burpee: 10 Windmills & 1 Burpee: 10 SSH & 1 Burpee. Short Mosey to the Harris Teeter lot to discovered Big Heavy Timbers. 10 SSH then Paired up and began to carry Timbers around […]

Tire Rotation Day at Man U

Themes Today: Tire Rotation & Walk Softly and carry a “Big Stick” Warm Ups: R/L & L/R: 15 Ct Cherry Pickers; 15 Ct Morrocans; 10 Ct Windmill; 15 ct Imperial Walkers & 15 Ct SSH & 3 Burpees OYO. Then a Mosey around the Fountain Complex and end up in the Parking Lot just over […]

PHOP “Board of Pain “

Warm Up: R/L & L/R….15 ct Cherry Pickers; Windmills, Morrocans, Imperial Walkers Board of Pain: Part #1 20 Burpees-OYO 25 Tire Flips per individual 50 Flutters- in cadence w/ each HIM calling 5 dbl cts each in succession 25 Merkins OYO Mosey around the Church Part #2 25 big boy sit-ups OYO 50 Cindy pull […]

Tavern – Mailman Merkins

4 for 4 mile Pre RUCK- Whitehat, Homer, Cutter & Gold Plate Warm Ups began under the BP Station Canopy while the Rain was being contemplated. R/L & L/R..15 ct Cherry Pickers, Morrocans, Imperial Walkers, Windmill, HillBilly Walkers, & 25 ct SSH. Then a 1/4 mile Mosey in light rain to Harlinsdale Neighborhood entrance for […]

CCC at Starbucks-Intentional Living

The lesson today was about “Living an Intentional Christian Life”. 7 things that may hold you back from living that Life. Not Letting go of the Past Not being Forgiving The concept of I’m not good enough- Low self esteem Busyness. The illusion of accomplishing something by just being busy all the time Not setting […]