The Commons 3.0

Good morning Rock Region PAX! YHC had the pleasure of having Smokey pass along the Commons AO shovel flag to YHC after the regularly scheduled beat down at the hands of Schrute this morning.  If you’ve had the pleasure of working out with Smokey, you know this #HIM pretty much brings one gear to a […]

Good Old Fashion Hockey Barn Burner

The day began with a disclaimer as they always do before a workout. There were no FNG’s on hand this day so we went straight into the warm-up. Warm-Up: Cherry Pickers – 10 in Cadence Windmills – 10 in Cadence Moroccan Night Clubs – 10 in Cadence Plank Position to Downward Dog Stretch for a […]

The Not So Kind, Kind Workout

A total of 5 #HIMS ventured out to Bunker Hill in the gloom today. There were no FNG’s on hand and a quick disclaimer was disclaimed for the veterans on hand. This is how the whole thang went down: Warm Up @ COT: Cherry pickers – 10 in cadence Windmills – 10 in cadence Moroccan […]

04-24-20 Virtual Workout

FOUR CORNERS AMRAP WITH A CENTRAL CORE FOCUS – “JUST ONE MORE” The Warm-Up: 10 Windmills OYO (full rotation of down-up-down-up =1) 20 SSH OYO 20 Seal Jacks OYO 20 Overheads Claps OYO Before getting into the thang here, I need to give a shout out to Iron Sights, Bill Nye, Ruby Slippers and my […]

Yep…Race Season Is Here

YHC and Ironsight partook in some pregame activities and got a few extra miles in before the main event went down at Wall Street this morning. As the 0500 time approached and we rolled into the AO, YHC had the thought, “Yep…race season is upon us” as there were quite a few PAX on hand […]

Life Moves Pretty Fast

YHC really needs to get this process down. I think YHC forgot the disclaimer at the beginning of the workout. Fortunately, none of the 6 PAX in attendance this morning with YHC are strangers to F3! YHC will try and do better on this front when Q’ing in the future. The Thang. YHC was very […]