Turkey Convergence 2020

Spread the word!  On Turkey Day roll into the convergence first thing 7AM. At the Rock Region’s new AO called Final Verdict.  Address for this premier spot is 1565 W Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29832 Rasta and YHC are scheming and planning a beat down for the ages to prepare us all for the soon […]

Old Town Run’n

OK gents, the gloom for Monday started with a rush.  As usual, when YHC is Q’ed up the internal clock ticks up to a quickened pace.  My eyes opened plenty early and on to the jump off with cheer I went.  The rush of seeing my fellow HIM circled in the shadow of morning keeps […]

Rope Your Wagon to the Stars

Come on out to The Tavern for some PCH mischief. Fartsacking is not an option. Post here post there… Just git yur carcaus engadged for the push. Posted by Bill McSwain on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 So another F3 workout to bring out the creative juices.  The morning gloom pushed out with greatness.  Weather 64 Clear […]