The Rolling Roll

“The Thang” today was a rolling roll. We covered about 3 miles in pieces of 100-200 yards. At each stop, doing what we do; SSH and some stretching Windmills and some stetching 25        Burpees OYO   Now for the “Rolling” part of the rolling roll… We worked up to five exercises at each stop. […]

Chaos is always in the cards…

We got off to an intellectually disappointing start. Apparently, grown men struggle with the concept of counting off to 2 when asked to “count by twos”. What we had here was a failure to communicate. Eventually, we established groups of 5 and 6, and partners for later work. After a warm-up of: SSH x 25, […]

Peach’s Panel of Pain at Planet Pain

Samurai and Peach for 2 mile pre-run.   On this Veterans’ Day, begin “The Thang” with the Pledge of Allegiance. Brief warm-up with SSH (25), IW(15), HW(15), stretches, WM(10), Mosey to Gym Parking Lot Preceded each of the following with a 50 Yard jog; 50 Burpees 50 Calf Raises 50 Merkins 50 LBCs 50 Mac Tar […]

Board / Planet of Pain

JAG warmed up the group with: 15 SSH 15 LSS 20 Morrocans 10 Merkins Turn over to Peach   Mosey to practice field for Board of Pain Run across field, then 50 Burpees Back across field, then 50 Calf Raises across field, 50 Merkins across field, 50 LBCs across field, 50 Mac Tar Jai across […]

Dude… What’s up?

The Thang:   Warm up with short mosey and 30 SSH 20 IW 15 WM   Jump into a burpee ladder. 10 down to 1, separated by favorite movie titles and lines.   Mosey to backlot for some Blackjack on the blacktop. Merkins and LBCs. Round the horn for praises and thanksgivings.   Mosey to […]