The Big Guy 2.0 is Launched

At the corner of Firetower Road and Springdale Road stands a sign that reads “In Loving Memory of Eric Lessmeister” – “Once a Bearcat. Always a Bearcat” In the spring of 1990 a young boy of 14 stood outside Rock Hill High School waiting for a ride home from Cross Country practice. No one in […]

It’s July 5th. What now?

It’s been quite sometime since I have written a back blast for a Q.  I apologize for that and encourage you to write up a simple BB for your future Qs. I was given the honor to Q at one of the Rock Region’s original workouts ManU. THE THANG: 15 SSH stretch 15 IW stretch […]

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary

It’s been quite sometime since I posted at one of the redwood original AO’s of Rock Hill, Old Town. It’s still by far one of the best AO’s around. I was honored to be asked to Q by Reborn.  The way it should be done.  We won’t diverge on that tangent just yet. But I, […]


It’s been done everywhere I can think of but not yet in the #RockRegion. The MURPH Challenge. The MURPH Challenge typically takes place on Memorial Day to remember Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan. He was KIA June 28th, 2005 in Afghanistan.  However, […]

Control your course

Today 49 PAX converged at Independence, shutting down all AO’s for a farewell send off to our brother Brandon Candee as he is deploying to Afghanistan as a Chaplain.  After the disclaimer, we move to the field next to Dinkins for our big group to spread out. WARM-UP – (YHC) 15 (IC) SSH 15 (IC) IW […]

You can always do 5 more

Better a day late than never.  21 PAX converged at Eagles Nest in the tail end of Hurricane Irma for a nice little workout given by YHC.   SO we all went Full bore and into the Abyss… We warmed up with some stretched and SSH, Seal Jacks, MNC, and LSSquats. Moseyed to the area […]