Rooster 3: Captains Email

Good Morning Captains, The Rooster is here this weekend and we could not be more excited to have each of these teams there! This is the third year and our largest event ever!! There are important details located below! Please CARPOOL IF POSSIBLE! AS OF RIGHT Now we officially have 45 Registered Teams, they are broken down as […]

F3 WallStreet: New Route New Hills?

  Better late than never, but I guess that is the way these go sometimes! Well we were coming off the Rooster, and many of us have been to the same downhill/uphill run to the Hotbox. So I figured I would provide a route that I use to train for my Ultra Races. So we […]

2ND F Lunch Returns!

It’s that time of year where we set new resolutions! One of the things that we want to do as a region is get back together for 2ndF events! One of those events is our lunches, that I am looking to move once a month for the time being. This is a great chance for […]