13 @ The Runway Run 1-21-18

This was a BEAUTIFUL 65F day in the Rock Region and 13 PAX took to the skies for a 6 mile post Rooster Run.  There was a very bad attempt on making the Name-A-Rama in which it showed Mayflower looping something that may have been English, not sure.  I will work on my recording skills […]

Wally World 10-26-17 Preparation Run

I had the extreme honor to lead these 12 men in a running workout this morning.  The point of today’s run was Preparation not only in sports but life. We started at 0500 on the dot with a few stretches and SSH, then off to Northwestern HS we ran.  First stop was the Aquatic Center […]


Mid Week Runway Flight

The airways were open so The Runway took flight for a mid-week 400/800 workout. The weather was a little hot but we trudged through the speed work and enjoyed pushing the rock. Definitely he youth lead the way with experience closely following. This was a last minute Runway Run so stay tuned to your social […]

The Commons 8-11-17 Be Weary of Imitation

I had the privilege today to Q The Commons this morning with a total of 16 brave souls to weather the Sweatfest.  Not hard to sweat with the dew point at 70% to start the day. The disclaimer was given quickly and off to the stretches and then the Pledge of Allegiance.   We formed 2 lines and […]