Get Motivated for Leg Day!

8 Men joined YHC this morning for Leg Day at Old Town. I was downrange last week in Phoenix, AZ; and brought a few new tricks back with me…. At 0500, Disclaimer was disclaimed, Burgundy’s appearance was noted (he’s a big deal), and we were ready to go. Warmup: Motivators, counting down from 10 The […]

Recipe Swap at PHOP

Three men joined YHC for a great recipe swap at PHOP this morning. We had a great time exchanging cooking ideas and creations. Bill Nye had a terrific recipe for Chicken Chili. The seasonings he used, in particular the Chili Powder made a very rich taste to his chili. Italian Job brought a Tuna Noodle […]

Epiphany and Change

We had 15 this morning at Independence. It was a nice morning, around 35 degrees and we got in some good work. Warmup: SSH x 15 Low Slow Squat x 10 Moroccan Night Club x 10 Cherry Picker x 10 Line Up on one side of parking lot, toy soldier halfway, followed by high knees […]

Fellowship + Accountability = Acceleration

Simple workout today. Run from Fountain Park to the road just past the bridge on Charlotte Ave, take a left, left on Oakland, left on Main, back to Fountain Park. Repeat for 45 minutes. Good work by all of the Pax. Special shoutout to Blueprint for providing the Port-a-John just off the running course. Moleskin: […]

Context is everything

4 joined YHC this rainy morning at Old Town. Due to the large amount of rain (it was just a drizzle, Ha!), we spent most of our time in the HotBox. It should be noted that YHC was pinch hitting for Honeypot, who had a mishap with a tanning bed. (not really, but makes a […]

Impact Challenge – First Challenge

Pax, We were invited to particpate in the F3 Impact Challenge by our brothers in Savannah. The Impact Challenge is the 3rd F answer to the Iron Pax Challenge. It consists of two challenges that each span two weeks. We are moving into week 2 of the first challenge. We’ve heard there are two needs […]

The Wall That Heals

We have an extremely unique opportunity ahead of us in late October. Go ahead and make plans to participate in the ceremonies around The Wall that Heals. From their website: On Veterans Day 1996, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) unveiled a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., designed to travel […]