TGIF – lets do this

Well – I hope that soon we will be back in the gloom, getting together and doing F3 things, but, we are still #gettingafterit right here via our mobile devices – so lets do this! WU – 20 IC SSH Windmill Impeial walker Hillbilly Walker Arm Circles The Thing – need a coupon. Will do each […]

Garage Boogie – Virtual WOD

Disclaimer – I’m not a professional and every workout is a suggestion! Modify anyway you need to. Won’t be long until we are back together at our AO’s and I look forward to planting that flag at Wally Falcon and getting beat up on the track or grinding out some miles and all the mumble chatter with my […]

Rock Slinging at ManU

https://photos.app.goo.gl/5oW2EA7pkQQ2Tmys9 Another awesome morning, loving this spring weather! Rolled out the bed at 4:15am ready to get back over to ManU, been a while since I visited and I can’t tell how long since I last Qed here. Rolled in the parking lot with a few minute to spare, a few pax already mumble chattering. […]

Taverns Playground

I was loading up the boat getting ready to hit the lake when Pescador texted me that I had Q tomorrow, which I thought was the next week (got to check the schedule more often LOL) . Want to talk about accountability!  I knew that my plans of getting wild, crazy and possibly staying in the […]