Slow Burn Smiley Style

Yo Pax…Finally got the opportunity to visit Petra again…this time as Q as Hawkeye reached deep into his pool of talent and found they were unavailable so he grabbed YHC! Disclaimer disclaimed and no FNGs noted. COP The first exercise is…and of course the Pax shouted SSHs which allowed me to say…nope…low slow squats. I […]

Why We Running So Much

It has been a minute since I have posted or been Q at Eagle’s Next so I was excited to return. The return was highlighted by the chance to workout with some folks that I have never met (The Noodle and Stork) as well as a visit by an FNG. So…I unpacked the Mission Statement […]

The Rock Region Introduces QSource Grinders

Q – A leader who takes responsibility for the outcome.  QSource – The wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise virtuous leadership. Grinder – A periodic, purposeful and proximate meeting between the members of a group to accelerate effectiveness. Men of Rock Hill, As a leader it is my responsibility to apply the mission of […]

Update to The Veteran

Men of Rock Hill, As a leader it is my responsibility to apply the mission of F3 and maintain a 43 Feet attitude otherwise known as building a leadership road forty-three feet ahead of the people driving on it. When I evaluate the goal of The Veteran in exposing our PAX to the QSource, defined […]

Gratitude at the JOC

Boom…ain’t nothing for Fellini and Magic Mike to set you up for a Q at the JOC…Best sunrise in the city baby! Little did I know I would be nursing the recovery of a tweaked calf and hip muscle but a week and two days of Humpty Dumpty had me back in the saddle again. […]

Coasting or Commitment

I was pumped up when White Hat offered me the opportunity to Q Eagles Nest. This is one of the original AO’s where I learned the suck of the gloom and the bane of my existence otherwise known as “running”! I vaguely remember Cat Fish coming back to pick me up and wondering how in the world […]