Shield Lock, Shoulders, and Calves

Got a call from Cat Fish asking if I could step up and take his Q at Petra this Friday as he was going to be DR helping family. I have been diving deep into Shield Lock with the 43 Feet podcast and knew this was one of those moments where you can choose to […]

300 and A Cord of 3 Strands

An evening message from Whitney asking if I can fill in for a worksacked Pax in the morning caused me to pause and look in the mirror. You see, I have a bit of OCD anal retentive attitude with regard to planning. My typical pre-Q routine is to go to the location at least 24-48 hours ahead of […]

Island Hopping at ManU

Truth be told I did not want to Q this morning. I have been struggling with an unusual stomach problem for about 3 months (of course nobody knows…men don’t share – we say everything is fine!) and it seems to be getting a little worse as time goes by. Don’t worry…Big Fundamental threatened me if he […]

Kotter Camaraderie Convergence

Wow! Spontaneous convergence! Tclaps to Apache for this Kotter extravaganza week culminating in a 52 strong, including 1 FNG, convergence event. Tclaps to those who provided background support to Apache and this fast-moving adventure we call Kotter EHing. I would be remiss if I did not share my EH conversations, in particular, those I had […]

Are You Prepared

In the spirit of this months word “prepared” I dragged my M and what passes for my 2.0 (English Cream Dachshund) to the parking lot by the new track. I was more than disappointed by restricted access due to construction, and even the Rock Hill Tennis Center was restricted due to 2.0 tennis practice. I prepared […]

He’s Mad at The Puppy Beatdown!

I consider Iron Academy to be one of the premier F3 Rock AO’s. Not because it is superbly lit, not because it has  “baby skin” smooth concrete parking accommodations, but because of the camaraderie that has developed as a result of some incredible site Q leadership. Not just one leader, but leader after leader in […]