Independence 2/10

Started with a disclaimer that I might call something stupid. It is their choice to do the stupid. Then we went into a warm up  SSH AND cherry pickers with a little left over right right over left. Then a Mosey we went. Found a wall for some people’s chair, Australian mountain climbers, and balls […]

Old town Van Damme on Q

started without disclaimer wind Mille in cadence 20 count left over right and right over left 10 counts we were off  we mosey to independence and joined up for the pledge We said our good byes and mosey around corner to light poles 5 burpees per pole for 4 poles. Circled up for calf raises […]

Tavern Extravaganza

Started off with a quick reminder that I am poor so do this at your own risk and don’t sue because it would be a good laugh for both of us. Warm up: ssh x 30 windmill x 30 merkins x 10 mosey to back of Harris teeter 5 burpees each light pole across back […]

Board of Pain

Today was gift day!!!!  My gift was a Board of Pain. This was inspired by the one and only Burgandy.   We circled up for a small disclaimer and then did windmills and merachin nightclubs in cadence. We moseyed over to tj max for the gift!!! Lol. I turned on some 80s rock and off […]

Raindeer romp

go online and register today. You still have time. December 2 this Saturday we will be running in the raindeer romp with our brother Pac Man. This will Ben the one year anniversary of this race for him. It was his first one he ever ran. What an amazing all inspiring journey he has been […]

Camino del Rio hill climb

7 hims showed up to sharpen some iron this beautiful morning. We circled up and did some stretches with SSH along with a small disclaimer mosey to hill on side of day park elevens (burpees and merkins). Hill was way taller than it looked so we Omaha at the 5th set mosey to Goliath Hill […]


Circles up for very brief disclaimer then we mosey to flag where we STOOD AND SAID THE PLEDGE AYE!!!!!!!!!  We mosey to long brick pavers walkway. 5 squats at each light pole and sprint between ran to amphitheater bear crawl merkin to top we then did 5 merkins each side and snakes our way back […]