New Years Day Convergence

The year 2020 sounds like it is dramatically in the future- but it is rapidly approaching. Kick off the new decade right by joining the PAX of F3 Rock Hill at PHOP for a January 1st New Years Day beating! Who: Anyone and everyone ready to get after it and accelerate What: A black diamond […]

Christmas Eve Convergence

Twas the Gloom before Christmas and all through Old Town, not a man was still standing, they’d all claimed the sad clown. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, a man who crawled like a bear, and one who looked like he belonged on a John Deere. “More burpees!” “More Merkans!” “More squats!” They […]

Impact at Bethel Men’s Shelter

Here in York County there is an estimated 350 people living homeless. Some are in unfortunate times of their lives; some are mentally challenged; some are under the burden of alcoholism or drug abuse; and some are chronically homeless. ALL ARE HOMELESS! This is something we cannot change, but it is something we need to […]

Rock Region Holiday Party

Who: Pax and M’s of The Rock Region.  Other Pax from surrounding regions are of course welcome What: Annual Holiday Party When: Saturday December 7th  6-until we get kicked out Where: Phillip Thorne’s (CATFISH) COMPOUND If you have a Fire Pit or patio heater please bring it. 3953 Mockingbird Lane Rock Hill, SC 29730 Why: […]

Thanksgiving Convergence

Men, It is nearly time for the Thanksgiving Convergence! Regardless to whether you are starting your holiday calorie burn or making room for a little extra turkey and dressing, join the men of the Rock Region on November 28th, Thanksgiving morning, at Man U, the original Thursday morning AO. Your Qs, PCH and Vuvuzela, are ready […]

Hand warmers for Soldiers

My son Caleb (F3 Grunt) is currently deployed to Poland as a 2LT in the US Army. When I asked what he and his soldiers could use, his answer was simple and made complete sense: hand warmers and foot warmers as the weather is getting cold there and many of his unit’s 180 soldiers work […]

Impact Challenge – First Challenge

Pax, We were invited to particpate in the F3 Impact Challenge by our brothers in Savannah. The Impact Challenge is the 3rd F answer to the Iron Pax Challenge. It consists of two challenges that each span two weeks. We are moving into week 2 of the first challenge. We’ve heard there are two needs […]