2020 24 Hours of Booty

WHAT The 24 Hours of Booty – 2.3-Mile Bike Loop we will ride for 24-Hours (with breaks). WHERE Rock Hill, SC. Base Camp & Refuel Center: St. John’s United Methodist Church Parking Lot. (321 S. Oakland Ave.) The loop begins in Old Town at Fountain Park (intersection of Elizabeth Ave. and Main St.) Then head […]

Hog and Coyote VII 2020

Pax, This Father’s day weekend, why not get out of your comfort zone and get better with your brothers? Come get some at the Hog and Coyote VII- The Rock Region CSAUP This will be the first CSAUP after being release from Quarantined. Set aside June 20th as a day to get sharpened. As usual […]

F3 Rock Region Statement on COVID-19 5.3.20

Pax,   Over a month ago, our region leadership made the difficult decision to close all of our AOs in light of the rapidly escalating COVID-19 pandemic. In the past month, I’ve seen multiple ways that men continue to fight deceleration and attempt to serve the mission of F3: To plant, grow, and serve small […]

04-24-20 Virtual Workout

FOUR CORNERS AMRAP WITH A CENTRAL CORE FOCUS – “JUST ONE MORE” The Warm-Up: 10 Windmills OYO (full rotation of down-up-down-up =1) 20 SSH OYO 20 Seal Jacks OYO 20 Overheads Claps OYO Before getting into the thang here, I need to give a shout out to Iron Sights, Bill Nye, Ruby Slippers and my […]

Garage Boogie – Virtual WOD

Disclaimer – I’m not a professional and every workout is a suggestion! Modify anyway you need to. Won’t be long until we are back together at our AO’s and I look forward to planting that flag at Wally Falcon and getting beat up on the track or grinding out some miles and all the mumble chatter with my […]

Stone Trace Shuffle Virtual Workout

Here is my disclaimer.  I am Anchor Bar and I am not a professional.  Anything I prescribe in this workout is merely a suggestion.  You are free to modify as necessary. I spent some time earlier this week walking around my subdivision gathering information for this workout.  I received a few concerned looks from my […]