Farming MANU

On a wet and rainy morning 5 pax came out to the gloom and forsook the fartsack for a workout and a lesson on what faith and farming have in common.  We started with the following warmup. Right over left Left over right Windmill Strech down middle Low Slow Squat   The Thing – Ode […]

Ark Loader at ManU

I had the joy to join 11 other men for a morning of fun at ManU. Conditions were perfect (65 and no rain). Even though I came in on two wheels with 30 seconds to spare, we got into it quickly. Disclaimer was disclaimed and we were off. Here’s what we did. The Thang 20 […]

Tour De Manchester

A few weeks ago I reached out to Socrates to ask him if he could Q at the JOC and without hesitation he is now on the schedule, Moments later he asked me to Q ManU and this is how the Tour De Manchester was born. Disclaimer disclaimed,  I reminded the PAX modify as needed […]

Some BOMBS at ManU with Anchor Bar

A disclaimer was given and we got started with a few warmup exercises. 15 Side Straddle Hops – IC 15 Imperial Walkers – IC 15 Cherry Pickerss – IC 15 Windmills – IC We moseyed to steps in front of the movie theater. Before we started the BOMBS I shared briefly that we all have […]

Vertical & Horizontal Relationships

Honored Smiley Face & I were to lead this group of 27 other strong HIM at ManU this gloom for the fourth day of the Shield Lock week. It was a wonderful summer morning, nice and cool. At 0515 Smiley Face began with a COT with those who needed to leave but had already put […]

F3 Rock Region Rolling in Rock Hill Project

As the 3rd F leader I believe we need to be in our community assisting those who are in need.  What better way to be in the community to show we are more than just a men’s work out group then to assist in the Rolling in Rock Hill paint project.  Come join us on […]

Island Escalators at ManU

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysKY8CcXLuU Thirteen of us left the comfort of our beds to endure the discomfort of 98% humidity at ManU this morning. Here’s what we did… The Thang 15 SSHs (IC) 10 Windmills (IC) 15 Mountain Climbers (IC) Mosey to the Theatre 5 Pullups, take a lap 10 Pullups, take a lap 15 Pullups, take a […]

Mountain trip to Dupont State Forest on August 3rd with Trail Running, Rucking and Biking options – there will be a 2nd F afterwords

3rd F Alright we are 2 years ago we did a mountain trip to Roan Mtn. it was one of the best trips I have made with my fellow F3 brothers. After 10-16 miles we went to Daniel Boone Inn to refuel. With this in mind I wanted to continue to do this hopefully every […]

Reverence & Awe

As always, it was an honor to lead 13 of the greatest HIM in the F3 Rock Region this gloom out at ManU. Thank you Socrates and the rest of the PAX who decided to remove themselves from the fartsack to join YHC. At 0515 we began with the F3 Disclaimer and the following: WARMUP […]