Heavy arm day at PHOP

This morning five men gathered and put in work at the greatest gear based AO in the Rock Region! As soon as I got to the AO the flag was planted and men were gathered to help collect some big boy toys. Here is how we used them: COP: All IC SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, […]

F3 Rock Region Rolling in Rock Hill Project

As the 3rd F leader I believe we need to be in our community assisting those who are in need.  What better way to be in the community to show we are more than just a men’s work out group then to assist in the Rolling in Rock Hill paint project.  Come join us on […]

Partner Work at PHOP

21 converged at the #RockRegion’s original Wednesday AO (PHOP) for a Shieldlock beatdown courtesy of YHC and Catfish. Here’s what we did… The Thang: 10 Windmills (IC) 10 Merkins (IC) 10 Mountain Climbers (IC) 10 MNCs (IC) Italian Job’s Portion Form two lines facing your Partner: 15 Pattycake Merkins 15 Seal Team Situps Plank – […]

Mountain trip to Dupont State Forest on August 3rd with Trail Running, Rucking and Biking options – there will be a 2nd F afterwords

3rd F Alright we are 2 years ago we did a mountain trip to Roan Mtn. it was one of the best trips I have made with my fellow F3 brothers. After 10-16 miles we went to Daniel Boone Inn to refuel. With this in mind I wanted to continue to do this hopefully every […]

Stations at PHOP

I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen in a while at PHOP- Stations! As the time grew closer to 5:15 there were four of us gathered to put in work. And so we did! COP- SSH, Merkans, Windmill- All IC Tire flips, burpees, and tire squats- 1 minutes each, 15 seconds between each station. […]

B.O.M.B.S. at PHOP

YHC does not make it out to this AO often, but sure did enjoy the opportunity to commiserate with five solid HIMS in the hot, balmy gloom this morning. YHC also enjoyed spending time with PAX that I do not get the opportunity to see very often. The day started at 0515 with the disclaimer […]

The Small Things

Ryder was warming up with a pre-run when I pulled in.  Goldplate was right behind me and Herbie arrived at 5:15 on the dot 😁.  We went to get a block for YHC’s plan and Nomad pulled up when we got back to the flag.  Goldplate went and got another block for him. Warm UP: […]

PHOP 424

I struggle committing to spots on the Q schedule based off variable work locations and more traveling this year but I saw an opening for PHOP on a date I knew I’d be in town and reached out to Gold Plate about taking the Q. The warmup – Low Slow Squat, right over left, left […]