Pray and be Transformed

3 Bootcampers & 1 Rucker gathered today at PHOP to enjoy all aspects of F3 on a nice cool morning in the Rock Region.  Tinker Toy rolled in from a brisk 3-4 mile pre run and Pot Roast suited up to ruck and Buffet rolled in to complete our crew.  At the appointed hour we […]

Recipe Swap at PHOP

Three men joined YHC for a great recipe swap at PHOP this morning. We had a great time exchanging cooking ideas and creations. Bill Nye had a terrific recipe for Chicken Chili. The seasonings he used, in particular the Chili Powder made a very rich taste to his chili. Italian Job brought a Tuna Noodle […]


Start your New Year off right with a workout to challenge us all as we aim to make ourselves stronger physically, mentally and spiritually so we can be men that lead at home, in our communities, in our workplaces, in our nation and around the world. This will be a black diamond workout, but there […]