Q by Committee

WARMUP: in your car with the heat on. THE THANG: 3 runners, 10 Ruckers embarked in the Arctic tundra and logged some miles! MARY: too cold for that woman ANNOUNCEMENTS: Newsletter or join in on a COT to get updated. COT: Big shoutout to our F3 Alpha brother Ansel Adam’s h.n. Kaleb East as he […]

Stair Work in the Hot Box

WARMUP: windmills, imperial walkers – 10 ea ic THE THANG: Moseyed to the hot box for some stair work. Starting at the bottom for 5 merkins – up the stairs for 5 squats. back down to the bottom for 6 merkins then up for 6 squats, continuing the pattern until we hit 10. Then we […]

Death-By Beatdown

15 men shunned the fartsack and survived a “Death-by” beatdown at Old Town. It was hot, humid, and sweaty, but the guys pushed through. Here’s what we did. 5 Burpees 5 Burpees 5 Burpees Mosey to the Parking Deck behind The Anderson Suicide Sprints at each column Nur up the Ramp, 1 Burpee, run down, […]

2 man push

WARMUP: Tempo merkins, low slow squats, and side straddle hops in cadence to warm us up. THE THANG: Then we started with stations. The 40 pound sandbag toss burpee was our timing mechanism and we each did it twice. Other stations were 80 pound bag squats and Cindy curls. After that we went for a […]

Petra AO Spotlight

WARMUP: Started with history of the AO and reading of Matthew 7:24. Side Straddle Hops (IC) THE THANG: Moseyed to the short wall. where we partnered up with it being Shield Lock focused Friday for this month’s 1st Friday Focus. one partner muscled up the wall while the other did over head claps. x2 We […]

July 4th Convergence

WARMUP: Windmills, SSH, maybe something else THE THANG: Circled up in the larger parking lot for a series of core, legs, and arm exercises. Rasta and I were slightly improvising given we had planned to have PCH as a third and we were all to take a focus (leg/glute, core, and arms). So we gave […]

New Name, Same Pain Game

WARMUP: All PAX received a door prize this morning that consisted of 2 bricks and 1 Cindy upon rolling up to AO prior to the 0515 go time. After Monday’s Murph at Old Town, the warm up was all about testing to make sure certain joints and muscle groups were ready to go and be […]