Big Macs Hump day fun

Gentlemen, good morning/evening. Today I bring to you an option …. to carry the weight or not. This is up to you and standard disclaimer applies. This is a mod up or down workout. You have two options, to use a coupon or not… this can be done with a Cindy, ruck, sandbag dumbbell , […]

Run and gun at The Bunker

Today was an unusual day, not just for me, but for the 6 gentlemen that came out this morning to share some pain and gains. I, the biggest of Mac, usually do not post in the gloom. But, on special occasions ( when asked) , YHC will rise from the fartsack and dispense some work. […]

Mountain trip to Dupont State Forest on August 3rd with Trail Running, Rucking and Biking options – there will be a 2nd F afterwords

3rd F Alright we are 2 years ago we did a mountain trip to Roan Mtn. it was one of the best trips I have made with my fellow F3 brothers. After 10-16 miles we went to Daniel Boone Inn to refuel. With this in mind I wanted to continue to do this hopefully every […]

History time at The Goose

Today before the workout was a super-crazy hectic day. So, prepping for this last minute Q change was a little rushed , so to speak. But, never fear, there is always a workout lingering in my head! We started out gathering at the COT. There were 6 of us ( 2 more than we’ve been […]

Second helping of BigMac @ The Goose

This was my second Q for the week. Warm up 20x SSH 10x seal jacks 10x cherry pickers 10x hillbilly walkers 10x imperial walkers The Thang: Mozied over to cherry park , found an empty field. B.O.M.B.S – 10x then rinse and repeat 5 times Busted out the speaker and did a round of Meet […]

So you think you can’t dance

YHC arrived with Bluetooth boombox in hand. I felt that things had gotten a little serious in the last couple of weeks with the heat and humidity kicking up at night, so I felt that it was time to “play that funky music!”   Warm-up 20 SSH 10 cherry pickers 10 imperial walkers 10 hillbilly […]